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Baywater School

Tubman Heating Takes a Step Towards Carbon Neutral

As part of the New Zealand Government’s plan for a carbon neutral public sector by 2025, Bayswater School reached out to Tubman Heating for more sustainable and eco-friendly heating options to replace their old diesel fired boiler which dated back to when the school was opened in the 1960s.

Old 1960s Diesel Boiler at Bayswater School
New OkoFEN 64kW Pellet Boiler and 6 tonne Pellet Storage Hopper

As approved installers of ÖkoFEN boilers with the Ministry of Education and in partnership with Apricus, the NZ agents of ÖkoFEN, the Tubman Team decommissioned and removed the old diesel boiler and replaced it with a new 64kW pellet boiler and 6 tonne pellet storage hopper. Our Design Engineer and Project Installations Team meticulously prepared for the installation which avoided any major issues or delays. Any onsite technical issues were resolved timeously and effectively. In addition to the new pellet burner and storage hopper installation, the boiler room was gutted and refurbished.

Boiler Room Before Refurbishment
Boiler Room After Refurbishment

The ÖkoFEN 64kW Pellet Boiler is relatively new to the market and becoming increasingly popular with schools due to the new government restrictions on fossil fuel use in the public sector. The pellets are conveniently delivered by a blower truck into the pellet storage hopper, so there is zero manual handling required. The pellet storage hopper will last the entire heating season for Bayswater School. Most importantly the boiler is cost efficient too, the operating cost is approximately 7c/kWH which is significantly less than the current cost of electricity in Auckland and on par with the current cost of natural gas.

Tubman Heating Takes a Step Towards Carbon Neutral

“Bayswater School is thrilled to have been given the opportunity to have such a boiler installed. As a Green-Gold Enviroschool we are proud to encourage care of our environment through the Bayswater School Care Code. The installation of the pellet boiler fits in perfectly with that ethos. We would like to thank Tubmans for making it an easy and efficient process including the installation, the refurbishment of the boiler room and follow-up checks. It is working a treat”

– Marianne Coldham, Acting Principal Tumuaki Tuarua

Apricus NZ Eco Energy are the exclusive designers and distributors of ÖkoFEN pellet boiler systems, focused on providing renewable energy alternatives for central heating and hot water for buildings of all sizes. Apricus have been bringing cutting edge, renewable technology into NZ since 2003 and the ÖkoFEN boilers are a perfect complement to their solar systems and CO2 hot water heat pumps. This combination of technologies means that Apricus are able to assess the most appropriate sustainable technology for every project, to ensure the complete system delivers economic and environmental outcomes.

Tubman Heating provides solutions for alternative heating systems to commercial and industrial users of fossil fuels as New Zealand strives to reduce and eliminate the dependency on fossil fuels.

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