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Introducing Tubman Heating Limited’s New Approved Practitioner Endorsement Service for Gas Appliances and Fittings

At Tubman Heating Limited, we are excited to announce a new service available to our customers across New Zealand: Approved Practitioner Endorsement for Gas Appliances and Fittings. This service is designed to ensure that your gas appliances meet all necessary safety and compliance standards, as outlined under Regulation 57 of the Gas (Safety and Measurement) Regulations 2010.

Gas Applicance Endorsement at Tubman Heating Limited

What is an Approved Practitioner?

An Approved Practitioner is an expert authorized to assess the suitability of gas appliances. Their role is crucial in maintaining safety and regulatory compliance within the gas appliance industry. Specifically, this service applies to small production appliances (21 or fewer supplied annually in New Zealand) and any gas appliances that are part of an imported new or used gas installation.


Why is an Approved Practitioner Endorsement Important?

Importers or manufacturers of small production gas appliances can opt for an endorsement from an Approved Practitioner instead of complying with standard certification requirements. This endorsement confirms that the appliance complies with the relevant regulations and standards, specifically the Gas (Safety and Measurement) Regulations 2010 and NZS 5266. This endorsement must accompany the appliance and be available to WorkSafe upon request.

Expertise and Reliability You Can Trust

Our Approved Practitioners at Tubman Heating Limited bring extensive knowledge and experience in assessing the safety and suitability of gas appliances and fittings. Here’s what sets them apart:


Competence and Technical Knowledge

Our practitioners have demonstrated competence and possess significant technical knowledge, along with relevant experience, specifically in evaluating the suitability of small production appliances or specified fittings.


Business Acumen

They operate within well-structured business frameworks and maintain adequate liability insurance, showcasing their ability to manage responsibilities and risks effectively.


Standards Compliance

They have a sound understanding of the relevant standards and means of compliance, ensuring that they can consistently uphold and enforce high safety and quality standards within the industry.


Testing and Commissioning

Our practitioners are capable of conducting or assessing the testing and commissioning of endorsed appliances or fittings, ensuring these products meet stringent safety and operational criteria.


Nationwide Availability

Our Approved Practitioners are available to assess your appliance and fittings anywhere in New Zealand, ensuring you have access to expert assessment no matter where you are.

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