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About Tubman Heating

Who We Are

A New Zealand owned company with over 40 years’ experience in the heating and combustion market. Tubman Heating is a proud business built on trust and unity. Its uniqueness as a company is best described by four expressions that sum up how the brand is represented each day: Hard Working, Trusted Partner, Innovative and Future Focused.

Mission Statement

To manage and provide energy systems that function safely, efficiently, and reliable and have the lowest possible impact on the environment. We intend that customers value us, employees are proud to work for us, and our owners enjoy a fair return on investment.

Vision Statement

We will be the national leader in industrial and commercial energy solutions coupled with unmatched service capability and responsiveness


Customer first

We develop great relationships with customers. They know we care about their needs

Health & Safety

A top priority is keeping our team members, our customers and those we work with, safe; by following best practice.


We “do the right thing” and work to high standards. We stick to our commitments, treat everyone equitably and communicate openly and honestly.


We value our people, we are sensitive to their personal situations, we help them grow and reward them for success.


We will always provide great products and expert service which each add value to our customers’ businesses and which exceed their expectations.


We work with each other, across boundaries, to meet clients needs.

Over 40 years in the boiler and burner business

A company called Devham Services started trading in boiler sales and combustion services in Wellington in 1980 and in 1984 Tubman Heating serviced its first boiler in Auckland.


Each company began as it meant to continue. Right from the start, they had an unwavering focus on boilers and burners, along with a commitment to keeping their customers’ businesses running.


Fast forward to 2013. Tubman Heating was sold to new owners, Jim and Debby Quinn & Chris and Helen Callen. Both Jim and Chris have solid business backgrounds, with Jim a former CEO of Kiwirail and now holding a number of diverse directorships and Chris the veteran of high-level corporate roles in New Zealand, Australia, India, Singapore and South Korea. More importantly, Jim and Chris have known each other for over 40 years and each relished the opportunity to work together in taking an established enterprise to the next level.


In September 2018 Tubman Heating Limited bought the assets of Devham Services Limited in Wellington. Since its inception the Wellington business has steadily grown in size and now works in any part of the country but directly services the lower North Island of New Zealand . It also supplies parts and equipment throughout New Zealand and Australia. Like its big brother in Auckland the Wellington branch is a market leader with a significant sales pipeline and a very bright future.


In October 2018, Tubman Heating Limited established a foothold in Hamilton from which there is a robust business developing in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions.


These branches have terrific service technicians and projects staff, supported by a very experienced specialist team of managers who are experts in the fields of heating system design, servicing, installation and commissioning of boilers, burners (all fuels) plant control systems and all associated equipment.


On 1st April 2020, Tubman Heating Limited updated its image and decided on a uniform look and feel across all branches. It had initially kept the ‘Devham Services’ branding in the Wellington region to help the ownership transition process and to keep the relationships with clients stable, but now is the time to see the Tubman Heating brand in a bright new way. This is part of a strategy to help position the company as a market leader in the North Island.

The New Zealand boiler and burner experts

Tubman Heating Limited’s point of difference is the sheer depth and breadth of its expertise within the boiler engineering industry. Many of its technicians have spent years and even decades, with the company. They have unrivalled expertise in servicing and installing all types of boiler and burner systems – and they’re always happy to share their knowledge.

The Tubman Heating promise

Tubman Heating will provide a prompt and technically sound service for any organisation that needs to select, install, commission or service any model of boiler, burner or associated equipment, including pipework. The team is on call 24/7 to keep our customers supplied with the heating solution they need.

Hard Working

The company’s strength stems from its culture and people. Their passion, courage, focus on health and safety and ‘can-do’ attitude. It comes from being part of an inspirational company that pushes the boundaries, that has its own long history. The company aims to contribute greater prosperity and improved well-being wherever it works.

Trusted Partner

The company is trusted by its communities, customers and stakeholders.

Customers can trust that the products used and the services offered are proven, reliable, high quality and safe. New ideas are welcomed as is working collaboratively with stakeholders.


Innovation is key to everything at Tubman Heating.

Striving to raise the standard of products and services helps to ensure success for customers. The solutions offered are innovative and there’s a thirst for challenge. The company is proud that it gets to work with some of New Zealand’s most prominent organizations; this has given them the opportunity to develop its systems and practices as environments change.

Future Focused

This means being forward looking and welcoming change.

Tubman Heating is here for the long term. Its often at the forefront of new developments and keeps pace with emerging consumer, economic, social and environmental trends.

Sustainability is core to its operations and customers. Being future focused means ensuring there is a future to focus on, being environmentally aware and understanding the need for a cleaner planet.