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Hot Water Boilers

At Tubman Heating, our core dedication lies in providing unparalleled expertise and a robust selection of heating solutions. We understand the critical significance of hot water boilers (HWBs) – whether powered by combustible fuels or electricity – as the backbone of efficient water heating. Our offerings include meticulously designed gas or oil-fired burners and cutting-edge electric heating systems, ensuring optimal heat generation and seamless transfer to water through advanced heat exchangers.

Explore how Tubman Heating’s high-performance hot water boilers can elevate your heating experience. Trust us as your partner for reliability, efficiency, and unmatched quality in every aspect of hot water boiler solutions.

Unical Boilers

Unical Hot Water Boilers

Tubman Heating source and supply a number of conventional hot water boilers from Unical in Italy. The steel pressurized ELLPREX boilers cover a large kW range which satisfies any system’s need. Output range for the ELLPREX is 340kW to 7, 000 kW. See below for more options.

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Unical Ellprex Conventional Hot Water Boiler

Unical Ellprex Boiler

  • Pressurized steel boiler for gas, oil or heavy – oil pressure jet burners
  • Elliptic boiler body up to the model 970 kW
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 6 bar
  • Floating furnace from the model 730 up to the model 7000
  • Thermal exchange optimisation
  • Adjustable door with double opening (left and right)

Click here to download a data sheet from the Unical website

Unical Modal Conventional Hot Water Boiler

Unical Modal Boiler

  • Only for central heating
  • 10 models available from 64kW to 291 kW
  • Pressurized steel boiler for operation at a fixed temperature, higher than 50⁰C
  • Heat exchange optimization for short flame fuels
  • Heat exchange ratio for preventing condensation
  • Completely adjustable door

Click here to download a data sheet from the Unical website

Unical Recal Conventional How Water Boiler

Unical Recal Boiler

  • Warm water steel boiler for temperature up to 95⁰C
  • Total radiation, dry, anti-condensate combustion chamber
  • Hinged door with eversible opening
  • Gas or oil fired
  • Output from 21 kW to 70 kW