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Oventrop Actuators

Oventrop Actuators

Tubman Heating are the New Zealand agent for Oventrop and offer a variety of valves and actuators. Below are various types of actuators we supply. If you cannot find what you are looking for, give us a call and we can find the product you prefer.

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Electromotive actuator
Aktor M ST L

  • 24 V
  • 0-10 V actuator
  • 3 point control
  • Manual setting
  • Connection thread M 30x 1.5
  • Multiple characteristic lines and the mode of operation are adjustable via the DIP switches
  • Automatic valve anti-blocking function
  • Automatic flushing function
  • Automatic recognition of neutral point

Electromotive actuator
Aktor M

  • 24 V, for “Cocon QTR/QFC”, without adapter
  • Steady control with 0-10 V or switching as two or three point control
  • Type of characteristic line (linear, equal percentage) adjustable
  • With position feedback signa 0-10 V. 10 mm piston stroke, without adapter
  • For “Cocon QTR/QFC” DN 40 and DN 50

Electrothermal actuator
Aktor T 2P

  • Used for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning
  • The actuators serve to control the room temperature and can, for instance, be used with conventional radiators, radiators with integrated distributor, distributors/collectors for surface heating, radiant ceiling panels, chilled ceiling systems and induction air systems in combination with two point room thermostats
  • Further applications in bivalent heating installations
  • For zone and room temperature control
  • With First-Open function and stroke index
  • Simple plug-in connection with valve adapter
  • Actuators can be installed in any position

Electrothermal actuator
Aktor T ST

  • With automatic recognition of neutral point and valve travel
  • The actuator (0 – 10 V) can be used in centralised building control systems in combination with an the electronic room thermostat or with a central controller
  • With First-Open function and stroke index
  • Easy plug-in connection with valve adapter