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Honeywell Maxon Valves

Honeywell Maxon offers fuel delivery solutions for commercial and industrial applications, including shut-off valves for controlling gaseous fuels and control valves to regulate burner processes.

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Series 8000 Pneumatic Shut-Off Valves

  • Valve and actuator combination
  • Cast iron, carbon steel, low temperature carbon steel and stainless steel body assemblies
  • Ambient temperature ranges of -50°C to 60°C
  • Gas temperature range of -50°C to 100°C
  • Quick exhaust and powerful spring provide valve closure in less than one second and reliable, long-life operation
  • The field-replaceable actuator provides easier maintenance and reduced downtime
  • The actuator can also be rotated around the valve body in 90° increments to fit your specific application requirements
  • The large top-mounted open-shut indicator is visible from all angles for easy proof of valve position


  • Flow control valve
  • Used for air, gas and oil proportioning control
  • Multiple screw cam provides mechanical adjustment capabilities to the air/fuel ratio at each valve position
  • Throttling range is fully adjustable
  • Stand-by fuel requirements are simplified by using tandem-linked “air-gas-oil” valves to provide single point control for multiple fuel or multiple zone systems