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Smart Controls by CIB Unigas

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Smart Controls by CIB Unigas

C.I.B UNIGAS has been in the burner industry for almost 50 years with worldwide success due to the company’s adaptability and continuous research and development of new industrial products. The “Zero Emission NO” research project plays an active role in discovering new technologies to create the most environmentally friendly product possible. This has helped CIB UNIGAS create smart controls that allow your organisation to fully monitor, optimize and control your emissions output.

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MFS-80, MFS-100, MFS-150, MFS-200, MFS-300, MFS-400, MFS-450, MFS-550, MFS-700, MFS-800, MFS-1000

  • Measuring principle characterised by a wide flow rate range enabled by direct mass flow measurement
  • Measurement of utility and process gases as well as gas mixtures in small pipe sizes
  • Inline version from DN15 to DN100 (½” ÷ 4”)
  • High measuring performance
  • Drift-free sensor
  • Compact housing
  • Backlit display with touch control and WLAN access
  • Remote display available
  • Product can be used with any brand of burner


  • Continuous combustion analyser
  • Integrated measurement O2 – CO2 – combustion efficiency
  • Display selectable fuels
  • Backlit touch display 4,3” for easy viewing even from a great distance
  • Integrated data logger
  • Ideal for continuous measurements on medium and large thermal plants
  • Design for industrial applications, even in harsh environments
  • The unit is implemented with digital and analogue outputs
  • Features MODBUS communication so the instrument can be interfaced with other remote control devices
  • Product can be used with any brand of boiler
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