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Health & Safety Compliance

Tubman Heating Limited provides our technical expertise in heating systems to our customers, along with a commitment to safety, quality and the environment. Our Health & Safety and Compliance Officer Kevin Prosser has an extensive background in Health and Safety, including seminars and courses to stay abreast with industry developments.

“We must remember that the safest way is the most economic way in the long run. Taking shortcuts benefits no one, not the employee taking the risk or the employer. We must also ensure we don’t go overboard and stifle ourselves with unnecessary rules and equipment. All of our decisions must ultimately be based on risk.” – Kevin Prosser, Health, Safety & Compliance Officer

For any health, safety and compliance queries please contact Kevin Prosser on

Accreditation and Prequalification

We give our customers peace of mind and confidence in our products and services with accreditation and prequalification.


Internal Health & Safety Strategy

Our quality management system ensures our internal health and safety compliance strategies and policies are in place and kept up-to-date.

Sustainability & Environmental Impact

We are committed to creating a better future and helping our customers reach their own sustainability goals.


For all Health, Safety & Compliance queries please contact Kevin Prosser on