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Heizer Heat Exchanger

Heizer has been associated with quality water heating products for several years. Basic design principles ensure energy efficient operations.

Gasketed inspectable plate heat exchangers are designed and built with materials and solutions that ensure a superior level of efficiency and longevity in industrial processes. The plates are made of high quality materials which makes it possible to reach an optimum overall heat exchange figure and guarantees resistance against corrosion. The corrugated plates makes the fluid in the device move turbulently and guarantees an elevated heat exchange result. The gaskets are available in several materials, adapted to the different applications (gasoline, oil, alimentary fluids, aggressive fluids, high temperature fluids, etc.) and required performance

Gasketed plate heat exchanger main applications:

  • DHW production
  • heat exchanging in heating systems
  •  teleheating
  • pool water heating
  • solar power systems
  • heating/cooling of alimentary fluids
  • cooling of machines
  • recuperation of heat from industrial processes
  • hydraulics

Brazed plate heat exchangers are used in heating, cooling and heat recuperation systems. The quality of the parts and the brazing process, which is carried out with care, make a trustworthy product. The special design of the plates allows for superior performance to be obtained in terms of heat exchange and reduced heat loss. It also gives the product excellent resistance to high temperatures and pressures.

Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger Main applications:

  • Heating/cooling of technical water or industrial fluids
  • Evaporation and condensation of refrigerant gas
  • Hydraulic separation of the circuit
  • Heat recuperation in domestic applications and industrial processes
  • Functioning with a wide range of compatible fluids with mechanical and chemical resistance of the materials

The following variables needed to be considered when purchasing:

  1. What application is the heat exchanger for?
  2. What is the kW rating required?
  3. What is the pressure rating?
  4. What is the pipe diameter?

Click here to download a data sheet from the Heizer website.

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Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger


Couplings diameter:
DN 32 – DN 50

Plate surface:
0,042 – 0,220 m²

Maximum pressure:
10 – 16 bar

Click here to download a data sheet from the Heizer website


Couplings diameter:
DN 100

Plate surface:
0,210 – 0,710 m²

Maximum pressure:
16 bar


Couplings diameter:
DN 150 – DN 500

Plate surface:
0,400 – 3,0 m²

Maximum pressure:
16 bar

Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger


Couplings diameter:
DN 25 – DN 85

Plate surface:
0.024 – 0.3 m²

Maximum pressure:
16 – 30 bar