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To create controlled combustion a burner needs to perform five functions:

  1. Deliver fuel to the combustion chamber
  2. Deliver air to the combustion chamber
  3. Mix the air and fuel
  4. Ignite and burn the mixture
  5. Remove the products of combustion

Burners are fuel fired equipment that provide effective process heating across various applications such as boilers, driers, ovens, and drying systems. The type of burner required will be dependent on the goals you want to achieve, such as increased production or lower emissions. Manufacturers are continuously improving the efficiency of their products to reduce environmental impact and lower emissions.

Tubman Heating are the preferred supplier of CIB UNIGAS and Baltur burners. Both companies are headquartered in Italy and have been in the burner market for decades and hold international quality certificates for their burners and are certified for use in New Zealand. CIB UNIGAS and Baltur have embedded their burners and products in thousands of locations throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Tubman Heating can source any burner to meet your heating needs, including the Maxon Ovenpak Burner range. Honeywell Thermal Solutions offers a comprehensive selection of burners for thermal process systems in the heating industry. Their burners provide efficient heat delivery while also meeting stringent low-emissions requirements.

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Tubman Heating Limited are the preferred supplier of C.I.B UNIGAS burners.

Headquartered in Italy Baltur have been in the burner market for decades.

Honeywell Thermal Solutions offers a number of industrial burner solutions.

We are proud to bring you the new CIB UNIGAS patented FACILE smart burners.