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Eco-Conscious Products

Efforts to decarbonise process heat have encouraged manufacturers to research and develop safe, reliable and efficient heating equipment that can not only deliver increased process heat but save your organisation money while reducing emissions. Our trusted partner brands have a variety of electric and biomass options including optimising equipment to monitor and control your current equipment.

Eco-Conscious Products for Process Heating

In May 2022 the New Zealand Government announced an emissions reduction plan to limit global temperature rise to 1.5⁰C above pre-industrial levels. The first goal for Aotearoa is to reduce emissions by 11.5 megatonnes of carbon dioxide by 2025. Government will support businesses to improve sustainability through the Energy Efficiency & Conversation Authority funding and support. Our management and staff will keep you informed of funding options as they become available and are here to assist you with product information during the proposal process.

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Unical EL7 Electric Boiler

Unical EL7 Electric Boiler

  • Instantaneous electric steam generator
  • With 99% efficiency
  • The vertical design of the E7 creates a very small footprint for the boiler
  • While the control panel automatically managers the boiler and operates intuitively
  • Steam production from 20- 250 kg/h or 15 – 180 kW

Click here to download a data sheet from the Unical website

Pirobloc Electric Steam Boiler

Pirobloc Electric Steam Boiler

  • Power output range from 25 – 2500 kW
  • Used for sterilisation processes due to pure steam supply
  • 100% efficiency with no combustion product or pollutant emitted
  • Optimal heat transfer at a constant pressure

Click here to download a data sheet from the Pirobloc website

Parat IEH high voltage electric boiler

Parat IEH Electric Boiler

  • High voltage electrode boiler for steam and hot water
  • High-Pressure Steam up to 85 barg
  • Zero-Load
  • Combined Hot Water & Steam in one unit
  • From cold to full load in less than 5 minutes
  • 30 seconds from minimum to full load
  • No earth current
  • Compact design – up to 60 MW in one unit
  • No Electrode wear
  • Minimum maintenance required

Click here to download a data sheet from the Parat website

Parat IEL low voltage electric boiler

Parat IEL Electric Boiler

  • Low voltage electric element boiler
  • Compact and robust design
  • Boiler and power cabinet are separated.
  • Very good regulation capacity and possibility for low load
  • Steam and/or hot water
  • Supply voltages: 230V, 400V and 690V
  • Up to 18 barg design pressure as standard

Click here to download a data sheet from the Parat website

Unical Pellet Boiler - Pellexia 34 - 45 80kW

Unical Pellexia Pellet Boiler

  • Carbon steel pellet-fired boiler
  • Independence from non-renewable fuels
  • Low pollutant emissions
  • Biotronic panel board for automatic management of the boiler fan
  • Equipped with a special pellet burner
  • Output range 34 kW – 160 kW

Click here to download a data sheet from the Unical website

ÖkoFEN Pellematic Maxi Pellet Boiler

ÖkoFEN Pellematic Maxi Pellet Boiler

  • Wood pellet boiler for larger commercial and municipal buildings
  • Tubman Heating have installed these at schools in New Zealand, to replace coal boilers
  • Up to 102.7% efficiency
  • Output up 256 kW

Click here to download a data sheet from the ÖkoFEN website

ETA Hack VR wood chip boiler


  • Wood chip boiler 250 – 500 kW output
  • Pieces of wood chips up to 12cm can be used as fuel
  • Permanently regulated flue gas reticulation for optimal emissions and efficiency
  • Wood chip and pellet feed options available
  • Fuel transport is fully automated
  • Sealed one chamber rotary valves for safety
  • Highly efficient draught fan ensures underpressure and safety in the boiler

Click here to download a data sheet from the ETA website

JUSTSEN low pressure biomass steam boiler

JUSTSEN Biomass Boiler

  • Low pressure biomass steam boiler 312 kW – 5MW output
  • Capacity of up to 8 t/h
  • Combustion system can be adapted for all types of biomass fuels
  • Grate/radiation section with a horizontal convection drum
  • 2 horizontal flue gas tube passes
  • Optional: Horizontal flue gas economizer and ceramic tiles for a wider range of fuel moisture

Click here to download a data sheet from the JUSTSEN website