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Heat Exchangers

A heat exchanger is a device which allows for fast and efficient transfer of heat from one medium to another, without direct contact. Heat exchangers are used extensively to heat buildings and for use in manufacturing processes.

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Heat Exchanger Plates

Tubman Heating can source and supply either brazed or gasketed plate heat exchangers from Heizer, Reflex or Italtherm. Plate heat exchangers, often referred to as PHE’s, consist of a series of parallel plates placed one above the other that are typically made from titanium or stainless steel. These plates are often corrugated or grooved to strengthen the plates and increase the heat transfer area by creating turbulence.

Gasketed Heat Exchanger

Gaskets, made from rubber, are attached to the face of the plate at the inlet and outlet holes to ensures a tight fit and prevent leaks, while managing what fluids are allowed to flow into a certain channel. Any fluid leaks are directed away so there is no contamination with the other fluid. Gasketed plate heat exchangers are quick and easy to dismantle for service and maintenance and are easily adaptable to operating conditions by adding or removing heat plates.

Gasketed Heat Exchanger
Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger (BPHE)

Brazed heat exchangers (BPHE)are pressed and baked at temperatures of 1 100⁰C for hours. This allows for higher design pressure and temperatures due to the elimination of gasketed joints. The brazing material, usually copper, carries out the function of the gaskets and frame. The BPHE are more compact, lightweight and less bulky than one with gaskets. The channel formed by the adjacent plates creates a counter current flow that leads to maximum thermal efficiency, even at low nominal input.