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5MW Steam Boiler Installation for Food Manufacturer in Auckland

An Auckland based food manufacturing plant that supplies both New Zealand and the International food service industry had a 4MW boiler that was providing a number of issues and at 23 years old was nearing the end of its service life. It was an economical choice to replace the old boiler with a new larger boiler to supply additional steam and keep up with increased production demands. Steam is an efficient and reliable heating source for food manufacturing and is used across multiple applications at this facility including:


  • Heating up a water tank for cleaning chambers
  • Heating up the cooker used for boiling
  • In the production process for beef broth and concentrated beef extract

Our Auckland projects and service team worked collaboratively to install and commission the 5MW 90% efficient Unical Trypass 12 steam boiler equipped with a gas fired CIB modulating burner. We suggested specifying an economiser to recover the flue gasses heat and use it to pre-heat the feedwater, further increasing the efficiency to 95%. The plant can also increase their demand in the future as the new boiler can provide up to 1600kg/hr more than the current steam usage.


The increased efficiency, up 15% from the old boilers 80%, results in reduced gas usage and is saving 315,000 m3 of CO2 a year or a reduction of 600,000 tons of CO2, the equivalent of 17,130 cars per year.

The Unical 5MW three pass steam generator is made up of a horizontal cylindrical furnace with a wet back where the flame develops

For safe access there is a straited sheet metal platform with a steel frame handrail located on the upper part of the boiler along with a ladder on the side of the boiler

The CIB R525A fully modulating low NOx burner maintains a consistent supply of energy according to the steam demand, adding to the efficiency of the boiler system. An automatic blowdown valve was installed and integrated to the Prolec control panel to optimise the TDS (total dissolved solids) levels of the boiler and lengthen the life span of the boiler.

CIB R525A burner

CIB R525A low NOx modulating burner developed for high performance and efficiency combined with low emissions

Automatic blowdown valve with a self-cleaning conductivity sensor and temperature compensation for measurement of TDS

Due to the increased size and weight of the boiler additional concrete pads were designed and constructed to bear the new load and a boiler crane used to safely lift and secure it in position. The new boiler was installed next to the existing 4MW boiler which was operational and supplying steam to the factory. A changeover week was planned where the existing boiler was decommissioned, and the existing control panel relocated from the old boiler to the new boiler.

Tubman Heating Ltd with the assistance of NZ Cranes off-load the 5MW 21 ton Unical Trypass 12 8000kg/hr steam boiler onsite at Ottogi Takanini.

This project had a 1 week deadline during the annual shutdown and encountered a couple days of rainy weather but thanks to solid planning, improvisation and mahi from our teams they managed to successfully install the boiler in time.

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