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Steam Boiler Replacement Case Study

The customer’s brief required replacement of a 1974 Anderson Steam Boiler due to age, as the average life span of a steam boiler is 20 to 30 years, and to increase maximum capacity since installing additional steam operated equipment such as a pasteuriser and CIP (Clean in Place) system.  

Tubman Heating replaced the old boiler with a Unical Bahr 3000 fitted with a Prolec Control Panel, for unattended use. This steam boiler will provide a reliable supply of steam to the production facility. The Prolec control panel allows for customization and increased safety controls, to suit New Zealand requirements. The customer is sent a notification via text or email if there is a fault.

The Unical Bahr 3000 steam boiler is connected to a new pasteuriser and existing waste water treatment station with a new 80 mm steam line that runs through the production area. This process was made complicated by the pipe running through the roof structure, but with scaffolding and strict health and safety measures our team completed the task and, in some areas, even on their hands and knees.

An economiser has been fitted to the boiler to capture waste heat from the flue gases to pre-heat the boiler feedwater. The boiler coupled with the economiser provides up to 95% efficiency compared to the previous boiler that operated at ~80% efficiency.