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Health and Safety Training Part 1 – Noise

Welcome to Tubman Heating’s Health and Safety training. Our Health, Safety and Compliance Officer Kevin Prosser will be taking us through the health and safety training that ensures our workplace policies and procedures are up-to-date keeping our staff, customer’s and the environment safe.

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What is noise?

Noise is generally unwanted background sound that can affect you in any of the following ways:

  • Psychological – scare, startle, annoy or disrupt concentration
  • Physiological – can cause pain and hearing loss
  • Communication – interference with communication can affect the job and safety

Noise levels are measured in decibels

  • 30 – 40 quiet pleasant sounds, birds chirping
  • 40 – 50 quiet normal office sounds
  • 50 – 60 normal conversation
  • 70 – 90 heavy machinery and electric motors
  • 100 – 120 jack hammers, power saws, motorcycle
  • 140+ jet engines

Sounds 85dB and higher cause hearing loss and hearing protection must be worn from this noise decibel level. You can search your app store for a sound meter to measure the noise level of your environment. The rule of thumb is; if you need to shout to be heard then you must be wearing hearing protection. There are two types of hearing protection options, earplugs and earmuffs. NZ Safety Blackwoods stocks various options and are available throughout New Zealand. Tubman Heating staff are supplied the correct hearing protection and any other PPE that is needed to conduct work safely.

Hearing loss is permanent, if you think you have hearing damage you should get it tested at your local hearing clinic and speak to your manager and compliance officer. Bay Audiology offer free online hearing assessments and have clinics throughout New Zealand. Hearing damage can also include constant ringing in the ears and ongoing pain. For questions and more information, please contact Kevin Prosser on 021 993 159.