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Health and Safety Training Part 2 – Incident Reporting

Welcome back to Tubman Heating’s Health and Safety training. Part 2 of our H&S series discusses incident reporting, it’s purpose and outcomes.

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What is an incident?

An incident is an unplanned event which:

  • Injures someone (including death)
  • Could have injured someone (near miss/near hit)
  • Damaged property
  • Could have damaged property (near miss/near hit)
  • A environmental release
  • Anything which could bring the company into disrepute


What is an incident report?

An incident report must provide the following information:

  • Date and time of the incident
  • Clear description of what happened
  • Supporting evidence if needed (photos of injury, environment or damage)
  • What was the outcome (scope of injury or damage to property)
  • Who has been informed
  • Any other relevant information


The incident report must be submitted to your manager, the Safety and Compliance Officer, the Chief Executive Officer, and the customer if on site. Serious incidents where injury or property damage required emergency services to be called or an environmental release that leaks into waterways need to be reported immediately. WorkSafe incidents must be reported as soon as possible on 0800 030 040. All other incidents to be reported by days end.

Incident reporting allows the Health, Safety and Compliance Officer to analyse and if needed investigate the event to determine the cause and what actions can be taken to reduce the risk of it happening again. Incidents reports can also be used to disclose future risks and hazards on a site. Reporting near misses and observations will keep employees, management, and customers aware and will help prevent major incidences in the future.


Tubman Heating Limited remain committed to providing a safe work environment and ensuring safe working practices for our employees and customers. If you have an incident or observation to report please contact our Health, Safety and Compliance Officer Kevin Prosser on 021 993 159.