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Reminder! GIDI fund applications close 2 March 2023

The GIDI fund is open to all New Zealand based and NZBN registered private sector businesses, except for state sector agencies that are eligible for the state sector decarbonisation funding.

To apply for co-funding you will need to submit a proposal using the web-based RFP Response form. For more information on the application process you can watch the EECA webinar here.

GIDI fund deadline 2 March 2023
  • Total project costs must be at least $300,000
  • Government co-funding for any project will be limited to a maximum of 50% of eligible project costs
  • Applications for funding must be for the incremental capitalised project costs, not operating costs
  • Projects must be fully commissioned and operational by 31 December 2027
  • Projects must focus on decarbonising industrial process heat

We can offer your organisation electrical heating solutions such as electric hot water and steam boilers and biomass boilers from 41 kW to 5MW options, including specifications and pricing. Let us help you be prepared for your proposal by contacting our Sales and Design Engineer Dave Teesdale on 021 771 130 or dave.teesdale@tubman.co.nz .

Electrc Boilers


Unical EL7 Electric Boiler

Instantaneous electric steam generator with 99% efficiency
Output range from 16 kW (20kg/h) to 180 kW(250kg/h)
Working pressure of 5 bar
Working temperature of 170⁰C
Intuitive operational control panel
Vertical design takes up less space
Composed of one or more pressure vessels having a variable number of electric resistors on board which allows the generator to modulate the steam production and the absorbed power.

Download the UNICAL EL7 brochure


Parat IEH Electric Steam Boiler - Commercial and Industrial Boilers

High Voltage Electrode boiler for Steam and Hot water
High-Pressure Steam up to 85 barg
Combined Hot Water & Steam in one unit
From cold to full load in less than 5 minutes
30 seconds from minimum to full load
No earth current
Compact design – up to 60 MW in one unit
No Electrode wear
Minimum maintenance required

Download the PARAT IEH brochure


Parat IEL Electric Steam Boiler - Commercial and Industrial Boilers

Electric Element Boiler, Low Voltage
Compact and robust design
Boiler and power cabinet are separated. Meets the Norwegian industry standard NEK 439
Constructed in accordance with PED 2014/68/EU
Very good regulation capacity and possibility for low load
Steam and/or hot water
Supply voltages: 230V, 400V and 690V
Up to 18 barg design pressure as standard
Download the PARAT IEL brochure


Pirobloc Electric Steam Boiler - Commercial and Industrial Boilers

Electric steam boiler
Power range: 25 to 2500 kW
Design pressure: 9 bar(g)
Design temperature: 200ºC
Different steam productions and pressures
Total execution in stainless steel
Automatic salts purge and blowdown system

Download the PIROBLOC CEV line brochure

Biomass Boilers


Unical Pellet Boiler - Pellexia 116 - 160 250kW

Professional carbon steel pellet-fired boiler
Output range from 116 kW to 160 kW
Complete with modulating burner, safety star valve and compressed air cleaning system
Heat exchanger with vertical smoke tubes
Semi-automatic cleaning by means of high efficiency spring steel turbulators
Automatic pellet loading.
Download the UNICAL PELLEXIA brochure


ÖkoFEN Pellematic Maxi Pellet Boiler

Individual boiler heat output up to 64kW
Cascades of up to 224kW
Modulation range 224kW to 19kW (9%)
Fits through every standard doorway (0.8m)
Adaptable for all heat distribution systems (underfloor heating or radiators)
Clean combustion and fully automatic operation
Used by Ministry of Education for School Boiler Replacement Programme
Download the ÖkoFEN PELLEMATIC MAXI brochure


JUSTSEN low pressure biomass steam boiler

Low pressure steam boiler
All biomass fuel types
Capacity up to 8.0 t/h
Equipped with compressed air cleaning for boiler tubes
Grate/radiation section with a horizontal convection drum
Horizontal flue gas pass
Water-cooled – counter-current
2 horizontal flue gas tube passes

Read more on the JUSTSEN website


ETA Hack VR wood chip boiler

Wood chip boiler 250 – 500 kW output
Pieces of wood chips up to 12cm can be used as fuel
Permanently regulated flue gas reticulation for optimal emissions and efficiency
Wood chip and pellet feed options available
Fuel transport is fully automated
Sealed one chamber rotary valves for safety
Highly efficient draught fan ensures underpressure and safety in the boiler

Read more on the ETA website

Previous Biomass Boiler Installation

New ÖkoFEN  64kW Pellet Boiler and 6 tonne Pellet Storage Hopper replaced the old diesel fired boiler.

Installed at Bayswater School as part of the government’s carbon neutral public sector plan.