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Burner and Control Panel Upgrade for a Steam Boiler

During a site visit to Koppers Performance Chemicals NZ Tubman Heating Limited identified the steam boiler as critical to the plants operation. Investigation of the burner and control panel found that both pieces of this essential equipment were outdated and in need of upgrading. Tubman Heating suggested that a new fully modulating burner with a built-in modulating pressure controller will provide better performance in both the control of the burn for the boiler and energy use, with increased efficiency.  

koppers burner before

Outdated burner at the end of it’s design life

New CIB Unigas E205A fully modulating burner

A CIB E205A was fitted to replace the 24 year old burner that had reached the end of it’s design life along with a new control panel that included a back end temperature limit controller. The E205A burner is equipped with a high performance combustion head that is designed to achieve maximum efficiency when working on natural gas. A by-passing nozzle can reach a turndown ratio of 1:3 with a pressure regulator.

“Thank you for the fantastic job you and your team did over the Christmas / New Year break getting the new burner and control system installed and other required testing all sorted for our boiler. Really appreciate the great job you did and being able to do it during a period when we didn’t need to be operating the boiler so we had no lost production time.”

 – Steve Crimp, General Manager of Koppers Performance Chemicals New Zealand