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Containerised boiler system fabricated in our Wellington workshop

Containerised boiler systems are an excellent temporary and long-term solution for heating systems. Containerised systems can be easily located, mobile and manufactured off-site to reduce operation disruptions.


A containerised system can also provide heating to a new site before construction is completed and moved once the construction is complete.


The containerised system is a complete system where all necessary components from the boilers, heat exchanger, calorifiers or storage tanks and associated pipe work are fully fabricated in our workshop to your plant specifications.

Our Wellington team recently installed and commissioned two 160 kW Italtherm floor-mounted boilers (with a total 320 kW heating output) piped to a 400 kW Heizer heat plate exchanger and two 300 litre dual coil calorifiers in a 10 x 10 container for a rest home in Levin. The heating medium could be underfloor / radiators / fan-coils, water, glycol etc.

Hot water is provided by 2 x 300 litre Heizer dual coil calorifiers with 60 kW of coil inside for quick recovery, high flow rates and continuous flow through at 45 degrees with 10 degrees input water temperature.  The container has its own submain and flexible 3-metre stainless steel hoses for connection of water and gas supply. The system is currently set for natural gas but the fuel can be changed to other fuels such as LPG to suit the application.

Contact your nearest branch for a quote on a tailored containerised boiler system.

Installation process for a containerised boiler system:


A needs assessment is undertaken to obtain customer specifications, the location, fuel type and work safe regulations.



The above requirements are used to create a safe and optimal internal layout of the container, including ease of access for maintenance and operation.



If alternative access, venting and reinforced flooring is needed this will be completed first followed by electrical installation. The boiler and associated equipment and pipework are installed, and the system is commissioned in our workshop first.



The container is delivered to site and connected to the mains power, water, and fuel supply. Insulation is installed on site and the system is commissioned and tested.



A quarterly service schedule is suggested for all boiler systems and an annual survey is also required for a steam boiler. Up-to-date maintenance ensures your system runs efficiently and helps prevent costly breakdowns.