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Juicer plant upgrades to an Italtherm condensing boiler

Based in Wairoa, Northern Hawkes Bay, The Limery grows and processes whole lime fruit and juices. The plant needed a newer more reliable boiler with an increased output.

“We are super happy with the Italtherm condensing boiler which has made a huge difference in the time it now takes to pasteurise our juice products.  Safe instant constant heat when we require it.”

– Dianne Downey, The Limery

Our Waikato based team removed the old atmospheric boiler and pipes and installed an Italtherm Time Power 115 kW and LPG adapter. Older conventional atmospheric boilers have only 55 – 78% efficiency with 30% of the heat wasted.

The Italtherm condensing boiler was chosen for its compactness, high-efficiency of up to 99% and newer smart technology for optimizing performance. Reducing your carbon footprint along with reduced fuel bills make condensing boilers the best choice.

The technicians also installed a new gas line with Europress, connecting the boiler to the new LPG cylinders recently supplied to the customer. All piping is stainless steel food grade standard for gas and hot water systems. A 25 litre reflex expansion tank was also installed to ensure equal pressure throughout the heating system.