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Supply and commissioning of a new steam boiler for Hawkes Bay textile manufacturer

Steam is an integral part of the textile production process and is used in various stages including heating, drying and sterilising. The pre-treatment process requires clean pure steam and hot water to remove impurities, while the dyeing stage requires a precise temperature provided by the steam boiler.

Tubman Heating supplied and commissioned a Unical BAHR 1250 steam boiler with a CIB Unigas P71 progressive natural gas burner on-site in Napier, Hawkes Bay. We look forward to offering more sales, installation and maintenance services to the greater Hawkes Bay region with an office opening in the near future.

Unical Bahr 1250 steam boiler supply and commissioning

The BAHR 1250 is an impressive high pressure steam generator from the Unical smoke tube steam boiler series with flame inversion and a wet bottom. Combustion gases from the furnace are returned to the front and pushed into the tube bundle, transferred to the smoke chamber and discharged into the chimney. Designed with a maximum working pressure of up to 12 bar and creating up to 1250 kg of steam per hour, the BAHR steam boiler creates efficiency and increased process heat for the customer.

The CIB Unigas P71 burner is fully modulating with input control from the boiler control system. The bell-shaped combustion head produces a high performance flame. Modulating burners use less fuel when demand is reduced and offer greater variable efficiency. The burner is fitted with a Siemans LMV controller which allows you to enter a ten point fuel curve of which we can set optional combustion allowing us to set a perfect flame but also reduce carbon emissions.

As Tubman Heating plans to move into the Hawkes Bay region we are invested in helping the local businesses recover from the damage of Cyclone Gabrielle. The employees and directors of Tubman Heating feel deeply for the people who have lost their loved ones, homes, and businesses and as such have donated to the Red Cross Disaster Fund to help those impacted by the severe weather events. If your business needs assistance with heating system damage, please reach out and we can send a technician to assess your equipment.

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