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Is it Time to Upgrade Your Heating System?

Boilers and burners are a central component of many commercial and industrial hot water heating systems.

Over time they get hammered by hot temperatures, high pressure systems, chemical imbalances, improper servicing and so on which cost businesses time and money.

So……is it time to upgrade your heating system?

Here are some issues to look at when reviewing your heating system:

  • Does your system have constant leaks? They can happen any time! There are many causes for leaks, including worn gaskets, incorrectly tightened valves, sub-standard welding and so on. Leaks can be costly, affect health & safety, and create little or massive amounts of damage to your assets.
  • Are your utilities bills on the rise? If you’re noticing higher than usual utility costs, your boiler could be to blame. It may not be operating at full capacity and requires repairs to get its performance back on track. As technology advances, new boilers are increasing in efficiency. Your boiler may be out-of-date enough to cause much higher energy costs than a new machine would incur, then a boiler upgrade could be a cost-effective choice.
  • Are there loud banging noises? Boilers, burners and pipe work can be loud at times but shouldn’t be banging. Pipe work might not be stabilized, a blockage might occur, or pressure building up. These noises could be a sign of faulty equipment and should be considered for upgrading a replacement.

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