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Steam boiler and thermal oil system installation

Heat is one of the most important elements used in industrial food processing such as cooking, sanitation, pasteurising, and sterilising packaging. Heat is generated in the form of steam or hot water and is most often transferred to the product indirectly through heat transfer.

The customer required installation of a new steam boiler, thermal oil system and piping services in a new food processing area on site. Our Projects Team got to work on supplying and installing the new heating system that included the following heating products:


This high-pressure smoke tube steam generator with 90% efficiency is designed for an operating pressure up to 12 bar and steam production of 1500 kg/h. This boiler is equipped with smooth smoke pipes suitable for gas fired operation. The tube bundle increases the thermal exchange and allow for the removal of residual combustion products.


 A CIB Unigas Tecnopress Low NOx Class 2 burner producing 1.1MW of power. These burners are suitable for heating boilers with high back pressure or suction in the combustion chamber. The bell-shaped combustion head produces a high performance flame. The steam boiler provide steam to the new spiral freezer for defrost, and steam to the new oven for the pre heat cycle.


Vertically placed thermal oil heater with a power range of 1047-1512kW The PIROBLOC thermal oil heater was shipped from Spain with a monobloc burner, control panel, expansion tank, air separator and recirculation pump. All components were supplied, installed and commissioned by Tubman Heating Ltd.

The thermal oil heater provides heated oil at 275°C to the new oven and deep fryer.