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The Benefits of C.I.B Unigas Burners

As a market leader C.I.B. Unigas is known for quality, reliable and efficient burners, that can fit the needs of any customer. 40 years ago Claudio Pancolini founded CIB Unigas focused on the production of gas burners, which has led to the creation of extraordinarily high quality burners.

At Tubman Heating we encourage our customers to use a trusted, dependable, and well supported product. We have been partnered with CIB Unigas for over 20 years to bring well known burners to the New Zealand market. Our technicians are familiar with the burners, having installed, commissioned, and serviced many over the years, allowing consistent and unrivalled product support. CIB Unigas Italy have outstanding manufacturer back up too, along with excellent technical data available on each model.

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Packaged burners are an economical and compact option with power outputs ranging from 95 kW to 2 670 kW  with burning fuels such as natural gas, light oil or dual fuel options available. These burners are used across various commercial heating processes from bakeries and breweries to spraybooths, laundries and FMCG manufacturers. Where there is heat, there is a burner and Tubman Heating have the burner to suit your organisations’ needs.

Innovation and consistent research, along with their “ Zero Emissioni NOx “project ensures that CIB Unigas is actively working to combat and reduce their products’ emissions. All models have pollutant emission levels lower than the limits sets by international legislation for the sector.


If you are looking for advice on your burner needs, visit our contact us page to find your local Tubman Heating branch.