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Thermal Oil Heater Recommendation

A thermal oil heater, also known as a thermal oil boiler, thermal fluid system, hot oil heater and thermic fluid heater, is a closed loop liquid phase heat transfer system.

A thermal fluid heating system has five key advantages:

  • A standard thermal oil heater can operate at low pressures while still reaching high temperatures, up to 343⁰C
  • Can be installed outdoors due to the closed loop system and as an indirect heating system they can be located remotely
  • Reduced maintenance requirements as there are less susceptible elements in a centralized system
  • Can be run as an unattended system because there is no exposed heating element
  • A central heating system when combined with a steam boiler for manufacturing plants

As an authorised distributor for PIROBLOC, Tubman Heating Limited recommend PIROBLOC Thermal Oil Heaters for processes that require a medium to high temperature range up to 400⁰C, such as food manufacturing, storage tanks, drying processes, solar energy, timber processing and the aviation industry.  With over 40 years in the industrial heating system industry PIROBLOC are the experts in the design and manufacture of thermal fluid boilers, with a commitment to safety, reliability, and efficiency.

  • Bitumen Storage
  • Solar energy
  • Storage tanks
  • Drying processes
  • Aviation industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Timber processing
  • Food manufacturing
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PIROBLOC Thermal Oil Heater specifications:

  • Power range: From 0,1 to 15 MW
  • Admissible maximum pressure: 40 bar
  • Test pressure: 60 bar
  • Service maximum pressure: 25 bar
  • Service temperature: till 400ºC
  • Design temperature: 400ºC
  • Two coils, three smoke passes
  • Fluids content: thermal fluids. Group 1
  • Surveillance system: Indirect
  • Control interval: till 24 hours

PIROBLOC Thermal Oil Heater standard components:

  • KSB thermal oil pump
  • Unigas CIB burner
  • Allan-Bradley PLC and touch screen
  • Wika pressure transmitters
  • Ari valves

PIROBLOC thermal oil heaters are fully customisable to suit the customer’s needs including horizontal or vertical placement according to the space available. There is no operational difference between the two placement settings of the boiler. The use of a thermal oil heater increases fuel savings up to 20%, due to the closed circuit which ensures minimal energy releases. Temperature consistency also increases your heating systems efficiency.

For more information on the PIROBLOC thermal oil heaters contact our Sales and Design Engineer, Dave Teesdale on 021 771 130 or Head Office on 09 444 5076.