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Boiler Repair and Service: Why Are They So Important?

Boiler Repair and Service: Why Are They So Important?

A fully serviced and functioning boiler can play a key role in providing heating and efficient water systems in a variety of different buildings. Perhaps one of the most essential places a boiler should play this role is in schools. Without a functioning boiler you will likely have cold classrooms and offices and even a school without running water. Tubman Heating understands that having your boiler regularly serviced is important, but if you are not yet convinced then here is why having your boiler serviced is so important:

Could you cope with a boiler failure?

You say you’ll be able to manage, you say your students and staff will manage, but during those cold winter mornings a cold classroom is the last place anyone, student or staff member, wants to be. Take a minute to think how a school would cope without heating. How would you keep the buildings warm enough? What impact would this have on younger children? Would you have to close your doors until the problem is fixed? Would an inefficient heating system be a problem? These might not be matters of life or death, but when it comes to schools it is your duty to provide the most comfortable environment possible.

Serviced boilers run cleaner

Boiler services are designed to keep your boiler running optimally. As parts age, your boiler can lose efficiency and that means you’ll be paying extra fuel costs day after day to keep it running. These extra costs can quickly mount up into extremely large fuel bills that could make the cost of a full service seem inconsequential in comparison. The way to counter this is to have your boiler serviced regularly so that deteriorating parts can be monitored and fixed if need be.

Whilst your boiler is being serviced, you can also get lagging and insulation around pipes and water tanks checked to ensure you are not losing heat. You can also get advice on how to prevent premature corrosion or burst pipes.

Is your boiler dying?

A boiler that is dying is probably a boiler that needs replacing. Whilst we can service boilers if need be, it may be that it would be more effective to replace the boiler. The most obvious indication that your boiler needs replacing is that it is an old coal-fired boiler. These present issues surrounding emissions and health and safety, things that can be eradicated by replacement with a modern, efficient, alternative. Otahuhu Primary School certainly reaped the benefits here.

Tubman Heating is more than happy to come and investigate the current status of your boiler. Even better, if a new boiler is required and supplied by us, the cost of this research will be credited against the order. Our priority is sourcing for you the best possible solution at the most cost-effective price.

Don’t just live with your problems, fix them

Instead of waiting until your next boiler failure, Tubman Heating can provide you with a preventative maintenance programme, or with a totally new boiler altogether. This will save you time and money in the future and will ensure that your boiler is working correctly. It’ll also mean that you’re fulfilling your ultimate duty to provide the most comfortable learning environment possible in your school. But if your boiler does fail we are available across Auckland on a 24/7 basis.

Thank you to JCH London for some of the above content.