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Fostering Growth and Adventure: Tubman Heating Supports Local School Camp

At Tubman Heating we believe in the power of education and value the significance of diverse experiences. That’s why we are thrilled to share the exciting news of our recent donation to support the Pohutukawa School Camp at Karāpiro School. We recognize the importance of such initiatives in shaping the lives of young learners and fostering a sense of community, and we are proud to contribute to the success of their educational journey. Additionally, as part of our dedication to our employees, we are extending our support to the children of our team members, ensuring that they too have the opportunity to participate in this enriching experience.

  1. Investing in Education: Our commitment to education is twofold—supporting not only the educational endeavours of our local community but also extending a helping hand to the families of our employees. This reflects our belief in the power of education to shape lives and communities positively.
Tubman Heating Supports Local Karapiro School Camp
Enabling Adventure and Team Building

2. Enabling Adventure and Team Building: By donating towards Karāpiro School’s camp, we aim to provide a platform for all students, including the children of our employees, to explore, learn, and grow. School camps are worthwhile experiences that foster teamwork and personal development, and we want to ensure that these opportunities are accessible to children connected to our Tubman Heating family.

3. Building Memories and Confidence: The memories created during school camps are invaluable. We are proud to extend this opportunity to the children of our employees, contributing to their confidence and personal growth. These shared experiences will not only impact the children directly but also enhance the sense of community within our company.

Building Memories and Confidence

At Tubman Heating, we are passionate about making a positive impact in our community. Our donation to Karāpiro School for their school camp is a reflection of our commitment to education, community, and the well-being of the next generation.


“On behalf of the Karāpiro School Community I would like to thank you for your donation. This donation is greatly appreciated and will be used for Pohutukawa class camp. We are delighted to have a high level of support from the community and your donation contributes towards that.”

  • Tina-Maree Thatcher, Principal, Karāpiro School

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